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Bike Binderz Adventure Bike Kit Raw Aluminum

Bike Binderz Adventure Bike Kit Raw Aluminum

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  • Bike Binderz Adventure bike kits are an innovative way to lock down your adventure bike in the back of your truck, trailer, moto-van, or toy-hauler
  • Foot-peg box size 2 5/8 wide 1 1/2 tall
  • Now has 7 height settings (up from 4), this will give you the largest range in footpeg height. 
  • Minimum foot-peg height 12 inches maximum 16 inches
  • All Bike Binderz foot-peg boxes are CNC milled from a solid piece of 6061 billet aluminum just like your high-end foot-pegs for MAXIMUM strength, this eliminates the weak heat affected zone from welding that caused our old style to bend under the huge load of the adventure bike.
  • Adventure bikes and street bikes are very heavy, single anchor points simply don't have the surface area to handle this load so all kits come with 4 anchor points to spread the load over a 12 inch section of L track.
  • Working load limit  800 lbs max
Our simple lightweight and durable device eliminates tie-downs, bulky wheel chocks and not to mention that unwanted pressure on the front suspension. Purpose-built for adventure bikes using 1/4 inch stainless steel solid mount for maximum strength.

The New Adventure Bike Binderz have 7 height adjustment settings to fit bikes that vary in height.   

Adventure Bike Binderz look a bit different than the normal binder, we have removed the face-plate allowing the binder to slide farther onto the foot-peg, this puts less pressure on the ends of the foot-pegs and less pressure on the bolts this also allows the Binder footpeg locking pin a wider range of motion so you don't end up drilling or grinding a slot in your expensive custom footpegs.

Kit includes:

- 2  Binderz with solid mount
- 2  12 inch L track floor anchor's
- 6  1/4 inch grade 8 bolts with large backing washers and lock nuts
Additional L Track floor anchor's sold separately.

Working load limit 400 to 800 lbs

Adventure Bike Binderz are purpose built for heavy bikes and would be overkill on a normal motocross bike and these don't have the height to reach a snow-bike foot-peg.

Unscratched/undamaged Binderz are returnable, Restocking and shipping charges may apply. Contact us directly for details.


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