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Great for cleaning bikes and RV’s. I use it every time for the bike.

– Grant


Great for cleaning bikes and RVs. I use it every single time for the bike. More recently using it with water and finding that it is really good for cleaning my garage door.

– Grant

In all honesty this stuff is the THE BEST hands down. Sure, the others will clean your stuff, but for stubborn baked on in the heat, mud and big guts, I’ve never had and easier time cleaning that stuff off!

– Valley Rally Enduro


It’s the best cleaner, we have tried many over the years but ZOOM is the best.

– Albert

Really love this product! Highly recommend to all my friends.

– Jaimie


This stuff sat on my shelf for the last year after winning it from a race. Figured it was another gimmicky cleaner… well I was wrong. This stuff just plain works! I’ve never seen my bike so clean since it came from the showroom floor. Buy it.

– Jmac


It got my bikes amazingly clean. I constantly got compliments. Especially when I sold one of my bikes. this spring. The guy who bought it couldn’t believe that a 15 year old bike had such a clean engine. THANKS!

– David

Zoomed through all the race bikes, truck and trailer with this amazing product. ZOOM LOOKING FRESH FOR THE WEEKEND.

– Roger


I found out today that it works great on cleaning showers.

– Christine

All i did was spray the entire bike with a 10:1 diluted mix of ZOOM Concentrated Cleaner. I let it sit for about 5 or 6 minutes and the mud just hosed off.

– djzcbn

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    Waxoyl Vs Competitors Comparison Chart

    Zero Drips, post installationNo hole drilling requiredSelf healsDoesn't crack or peelResilient to sprayLifetime applicationStops existing surface rustStays flexible, intact and protective for yearsSafe on rubber/silicone seals, wiring, etc.Endorsed by most major car manufacturersFully fogs and creeps into body cavities/seams etcEnvirofriendlyCost per year*
    Waxoylicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-green < $100
    Light oils: Krown, Rust Check, etc.icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-question> $100
    Lanolin based: Fluid film, etc.icon-cross1-redicon-number-2icon-number-3icon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-check1-green> $100
    No-drip oils or 'Grease'icon-number-1icon-cross1-redicon-number-3icon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-red icon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-red icon-check1-greenicon-cross1-red> $100
    Asphalticon-check1-greenicon-number-2icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-check1-green icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-green> $100
    Rubberizedicon-check1-greenicon-number-2icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-check1-green icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-green> $100
    icon-check1-green icon-cross1-redAdvertised as lifetime, but doesn't last in real world service. Significant deterioration after 2-4 years. Allows water/salt in behind, causing major damage.
    icon-number-1May drip a bit, post installation.
    icon-number-2Some installers or applications may require hole drilling.
    icon-number-3Has limited self healing capabilities for a limited period after installation.
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