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Waxoyl – More than 55 years of experience in the fight against corrosion and weather damage

Trusted by specialists the world over, Waxoyl protection is the premier way to protect vehicles and machinery from salt, corrosion and weather damage.

The best vehicle protection. Period!

Do It Yourself, or Become a Dealer/Installer!

Benefits of Waxoyl to the end user

  • Increased vehicle resale value
  • Reduced vehicle maintenance cost
  • Waxoyl 120-4 cavity protection
  • Hardwax for the underbody
  • One application protects for the life of most vehicles
  • Will not damage seals, plastics, wiring, or rubber
  • Displaces moisture to achieve optimum bond
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Will not drip or collect road grime
  • No drilling required EVER
  • Will not void vehicle warranties.
  • Globally approved by every major auto-manufacturer.

Benefits of Waxoyl to the service center

  • Excellent Margins!
  • Referrals from the Waxoyl website, which receives over 50,000 unique visitors annually.
  • Swiss company with 60 years of global brand recognition and unparalleled quality.
  • Non-toxic and cleans up with vegetable oil.
  • Easy to apply and overspray will not damage the car’s finish.
  • Trouble free product line. Virtually zero customer issues or complaints.
  • Low start-up costs for shops. Equipment is paid for on first or second application.
  • Simple to apply with little training.
  • Rust free vehicles are much easier to work on!

Tested and Approved or Endorsed by

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Waxoyl Products

Waxoyl Hardwax 500ml Aerosol
for DIY and touchups

Waxoyl Powershield Cavity Wax 500ml Aerosol – for DIY and small jobs

Waxoyl Hardwax 5L Can – For DIY, Business In A Box and installers

Waxoyl 120-4 Cavity Wax – For DIY, Business in a box and installers

DIY Kit 1 – for small unibody vehicles

DIY Kit 2 – For medium size unibody cars/crossovers/SUV

DIY Kit 3 – For Larger cars/crossovers, Small pickups/Minivans etc

Waxoyl 120-4 Cavity Wax – For DIY, Business in a box and installers

Business in a Box Kits. An easy low cost way to get started! Several options available. (contact us)

HW-98 Hardwax gun – affordable for DIY

Spray gun kits for installers – Several options available (contact us)

Motor Care 5oz Aerosol – for single vehicle application. Make your engine bay shine and protect it at the same time!

Motor Care 5L can – for multiple vehicles; detail shops etc

Waxoyl is a unique hybrid product that uses wax to provide a durable, flexible barrier combined with the strongest corrosion fighting chemicals. The barrier protection of Waxoyl never fully hardens and on a hot day can self-heal scratches and chips. Unlike the rubberized, asphalt, or epoxy, Waxoyl will never aid and abed corrosion by trapping salt and moisture between the barrier and what it is protecting. The chemical protection in Waxoyl is second to none as well.

Do It Yourself, or Become a Dealer/Installer!

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    Waxoyl Vs Competitors Comparison Chart

    Zero Drips, post installationNo hole drilling requiredSelf healsDoesn't crack or peelResilient to sprayLifetime applicationStops existing surface rustStays flexible, intact and protective for yearsSafe on rubber/silicone seals, wiring, etc.Endorsed by most major car manufacturersFully fogs and creeps into body cavities/seams etcEnvirofriendlyCost per year*
    Waxoylicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-green < $100
    Light oils: Krown, Rust Check, etc.icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-question> $100
    Lanolin based: Fluid film, etc.icon-cross1-redicon-number-2icon-number-3icon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-check1-green> $100
    No-drip oils or 'Grease'icon-number-1icon-cross1-redicon-number-3icon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-red icon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-red icon-check1-greenicon-cross1-red> $100
    Asphalticon-check1-greenicon-number-2icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-check1-green icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-green> $100
    Rubberizedicon-check1-greenicon-number-2icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-check1-green icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-green> $100
    icon-check1-green icon-cross1-redAdvertised as lifetime, but doesn't last in real world service. Significant deterioration after 2-4 years. Allows water/salt in behind, causing major damage.
    icon-number-1May drip a bit, post installation.
    icon-number-2Some installers or applications may require hole drilling.
    icon-number-3Has limited self healing capabilities for a limited period after installation.
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