Fumoto: A Gadget That Makes Oil Changes Less Messy

Fumoto: A Gadget That Makes Oil Changes Less Messy

We’re all about great products that are simple, easy, affordable and effective. If you’re a DIY person that works on your own vehicles, we think you may really like the Fumoto oil drain valve.

What is it? The Fumoto valve  is a small brass drain valve that makes changing your oil so much easier. The valve is fitted in the place of the oil pan plug and is designed to help prevent oil from spilling out uncontrollably when you change your oil.

How does it work?

The Fumoto valve is installed in place of the oil drain plug and allows for the oil to be drained from the vehicle without the mess. To change your oil, simply lift the lever to turn the valve counterclockwise and open it. To avoid spills, the end of the valve can be fitted with a short length of tubing, which directs the flow of oil into a drain pan, or large jug. That’s it! No more mess!
To close the valve, turn clockwise until the lever clicks into the recess. The valve will remain locked into place until you lift the lever. The valves also come with an extra safety clip to prevent road debris and obstacles from opening the lever. There are also extensions and adaptors available to help fit pretty much every application.

Why this is a game-changer?

On many cars, the messiest part of an oil change is removing the oil drain plug. To install the Fumoto, you will have to remove the drain plug, but you never have to worry about the mess again once it is in place. Another great thing about the Fumoto valve is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects.  
These are also great for people that like to collect oil samples for analysis. Just simply crack the valve a bit to dispense the sample and close when done.

The Fumoto valves are compatible with all types of vehicles, including, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and small engines. To learn more about Fumoto and to see if it will work on your vehicle, visit https://www.fumotousa.com/. Other versions available at  https://www.ezoildrain.ca/

Have any time-saving tips for working on your vehicles? Let us know in the comments.

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