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Blue River Powersports & Motors

588283 Dufferin County Rd 17Mansfield, ON, L9V 0S7
AND 4083 Simcoe County Rd 50Loretto, ON, L0G 1L0 416-985-3598 https://blueriverpowersports.com/


Proten Exim Ltd.
327 Windmill Rd.
Dartmouth NS
902-222-0712 - Pallav

Why is Waxoyl the BEST for your Car, Truck, or RV?

• Greatly increased vehicle resale value - a clean, rust free vehicle is worth thousands of $$ more at resale. Waxoyl is the only the product that can actually end up being 'free', or even cheaper than free, when values are compared to competing products, or doing nothing.

• Greatly reduced vehicle maintenance costs; Waxoyl not only protects metal, but also stops corrosion in electrical systems, connections, etc.

• 2 part process: Waxoyl Cavity protection totally protects body panels and structural cavities. Hardwax for the underbody doesn't wash off, dry out, crack or peel. It will not allow moisture behind it.

• Lowest annualized cost, yet the highest protection! Don't spend $100's of dollars annually on products that just get washed off by salt spray. Or, products that crack and peel, allowing salt & moisture to get in behind, causing massive rust problems.

• One application protects for the life of most vehicles.*

• Will not damage seals, plastics, wiring, or rubber. Adds sound deadening to your vehicle as well!

• Displaces moisture to achieve optimum bond.

• Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

• Will not drip or collect road grime.

• No drilling required EVER.

• Will not void vehicle warranties.

• Globally endorsed by every major auto-manufacturer & many of the prominent testing organizations.

* subject to regular inspections.

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