RV Awnings? Insects? Black streaks? Rubber Roof? Mildew? Algae? Road grime?
Tree Sap? Dirt/mud? Brake dust? Tubs/Showers/Walls/sinks/toilets?
ZOOM Cleans it all, quickly, easily and safely!
RV's, Boats, Powersports- ATV/Dirtbike/Motorcycles, cars, trucks, farm/construction equipment, Household and more!
Spend more time doing the things you like & let ZOOM do the cleaning work for you!
Safe on all surfaces! No Strong chemical odours! No Harshness! Use indoors and out!

  • Shelly from Montreal

    "I couldn't believe how easily and quickly Zoom worked on my RV. Extremely satisfied!! Thanks Brian from the Zoom team!"

  • Rick from Niagara

    I've been using ZOOM for several years now & I think it the best cleaner on the market! I tell everyone about it!

  • MudHunniez from Vancouver

    “We wanted to thank ZOOM Concentrated Cleaner for helping us get our bikes clean after a weekend long mud bath.”

  • Bob from the GTA

    “Totally impressed with the reults! This is my my 20 year old lawnmower that has never been washed. This stuff is highly recommended!!”

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  • A high performance outdoor cleaning solution

    Use on RVs, Dirt Bikes/ATV/Motorycles, Cars/Trucks, Siding/Soffitt/Eavestroughs, Decks, Patios, Farm Equipment, and so much more!

  • Easy to use and extremely effective

    Better, faster and cheaper than the rest. The last cleaner you'll ever need.
    A jug of concentrate goes a long way and is much more cost effective than conventional products!

  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic chemicals

    Featuring a light mild fresh mango-pomegranate scent.
    No strong, offensive chemical odours!

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Washing a Dirt bike or ATV the Easy Way

Zoom Cleaner in Action (1 minute video)

Freqently Asked Questions

Where Can I use ZOOM?

You can use ZOOM on pretty much any outdoor item including:

- Car, truck – all exterior surfaces. ZOOM is very effective at removing road salt, road gunge & grime, bugs, bird droppings etc.

- Brake dust and road salt & grime from tires and rims

- Street bikes – bugs, road grime, brake dust, bird droppings etc.

- Boat

- ATV & Dirt bike – mud, dirt, grime, etc.

- Farm Equipment & Heavy equipment

- RV’s, Motorhomes & Campers, including Trailer Park units

- Cottage- Composite decks, Concrete Patios, Outdoor Furniture, Siding, Soffits, Windows etc.

- House siding, soffits and fascia, stucco, windows etc.

- Concrete floors, sidewalks etc.

- Lawn & garden furniture and equipment


- Pretty much any outdoor metal, painted, rubber, or plastic,  surface

- And so much more!

ZOOM is effective at removing dirt, mud, road grime, mildew, algae, black weather stains, tree dirt and pollen off most surfaces. It also works well at removing dead bugs from the front of road vehicles and trailers. It is generally safe** on all outdoor surfaces, when used as directed (see** below).


Simply mix with water to desired ratio, spray it on surface to be cleaned, allow to soak 30 seconds to a minute, lightly agitate with the soft brush, sponge or mitt, then simply rinse with water.

ZOOM concentrate can be mixed in a small spray bottle for small jobs, or for larger jobs and general use, a weed sprayer works very well. ZOOM can be safely stored in the sprayer for an extended period of time.

On large surfaces, work in sections to prevent ZOOM from drying on the surface.

A high pressure washer, ie. 1500 to 2000psi and over, may sometimes be enough to remove all dirt and film without the need for agitation.

**If uncertain on a specific surface, always test in an inconspicous area, before cleaning the entire area. Keep from freezing and store out of direct sunlight. ZOOM is not marketed or sold as a degreaser.

Is ZOOM a degreaser?

(Read last paragraph for degreasing)
ZOOM Cleaner is not sold or marketed as a degreaser. ZOOM is designed for removing outdoor dirt & grime from vehicles, buildings, outdoor items, etc. (See uses above) That being said, ZOOM is sometimes effective on certain light oil and/or grease residue.

If you require a strong degreasing agent, ZOOM XC Cleaner/Degreaser (Dark blue) should work quite nicely for you.

What ratio should I mix ZOOM concentrate and water?

For most applications, a mix of somewhere between 10:1 and 30:1 will work fine.

Occasionally, a slightly stronger mix may be needed, such as 8:1 or 6:1. 

For lighter jobs, dilution rates up to 100:1. Simply go as strong or light as needed for your application.

Suggested Ratios for common jobs:

- Dirtbike/ATV 10:1 to 20:1

- Car/Truck – Heavy road grime/bugs/winter grime, salt, brake dust etc. 10:1 to 30:1

- Car/truck – Light road grime, mild dirt or dust. 30:1 to 60:1

- Streetbike – 10:1 to 30:1. Stronger for heavy insect removal/heavy brake dust. Lighter for just road grime.

- Camper/RV/Motorhome – Heavy grime/bugs/black streaks/etc. 10:1 to 20:1. Lighter cleaning on RV’s etc. 20:1 to 30:1.

- Tractor/Heavy Equipment – 10:1 to 20:1

- Aluminum Soffits/Eavestroughs/fascia 10:1 to 20:1

I bought ZOOM in a spray bottle. Do I dilute it?

No. The ZOOM that is sold in the 1 liter spray bottles is already pre-mixed at 10:1 for you convenience. No further mixing is required. Diluting it further may cause ZOOM to lose effectiveness, depending on what is being cleaned.