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Dirt Bikes, ATVs,
Highway Vehicles


Dirt & Mud
Road Grime
Brake dust
Tree Sap
Bird Crap etc.

Recreational Vehicles,


Black Streaks
Road Grime
Scum lines
Tree Sap
Bird Crap etc.




& More!


Patio furniture

Take the #ZOOMChallenge
ZOOM-AWAY the dirt, mildew and grime.
Watch ZOOM in action:

Easily Cleaning Bugs and Black Streaks

Cleaning Soffit, Eavestroughs and Fascia

ZOOM 1 liter Pre-mixed

ZOOM 1 liter Pre-mixed

Nothing could be easier than this pre-mixed solution.
ZOOM 1 liter Pre-mixed

ZOOM Concentrate 3.78 liter

Our best value:
Clean more stuff and save money
ZOOM 1 liter Pre-mixed

ZOOM Super Gear Wash

Completely remove unpleasant odours from Motocross, Yoga, or Hockey gear, your favourite jersey, and more.
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What our customers are saying:

“I received my order today…thank you for the quick delivery. I have been selling a lot of it lately as I have been showing my customers the pic I took of my trailer. We recently bought a 1975 Town Chariot to restore. It’s been parked for 40 years and I don’t think it had ever been cleaned!!! Moss growing everywhere!! I took a pic of what one application of Zoom did!!!”

– Nicky

“We wanted to thank ZOOM Concentrated Cleaner for helping us get our bikes clean after a weekend long mud bath.”

– MudHunniez

“Just picked up a jug of ZOOM from Royal Distributing. Totally impressed with the reults! This is my my 20 year old lawnmower that has never been washed. Sprayed it on waited a minute and rinsed it off the a hose. No Scrubbing. This stuff is highly recommended!!”

– Bob

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About ZOOM® Cleaner

ZOOM® Cleaner is a multi-purpose high performance cleaner for outdoor living and playing. ZOOM® Cleaner will get your stuff clean – better, faster and cheaper than the rest.

ZOOM® is easy to use, non-toxic, has a mild fresh mango-pomegranate scent and is environmentally- friendly.

For vehicles & dirt bikes/ATVs, power sports, boats & RVs, siding, eaves & soffits, decks & patios, farm equipment and more, a little ZOOM® Cleaner goes a long way. It easily handles the worst dirt, mildew and grime. Take the #ZOOMChallenge and ZOOM-AWAY the dirt!

Zoom Cleaner Products

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    Waxoyl Vs Competitors Comparison Chart

    Zero Drips, post installationNo hole drilling requiredSelf healsDoesn't crack or peelResilient to sprayLifetime applicationStops existing surface rustStays flexible, intact and protective for yearsSafe on rubber/silicone seals, wiring, etc.Endorsed by most major car manufacturersFully fogs and creeps into body cavities/seams etcEnvirofriendlyCost per year*
    Waxoylicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-check1-green < $100
    Light oils: Krown, Rust Check, etc.icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-check1-greenicon-question> $100
    Lanolin based: Fluid film, etc.icon-cross1-redicon-number-2icon-number-3icon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-check1-green> $100
    No-drip oils or 'Grease'icon-number-1icon-cross1-redicon-number-3icon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-red icon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-red icon-check1-greenicon-cross1-red> $100
    Asphalticon-check1-greenicon-number-2icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-check1-green icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-green> $100
    Rubberizedicon-check1-greenicon-number-2icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-check1-green icon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-greenicon-cross1-redicon-cross1-redicon-check1-green> $100
    icon-check1-green icon-cross1-redAdvertised as lifetime, but doesn't last in real world service. Significant deterioration after 2-4 years. Allows water/salt in behind, causing major damage.
    icon-number-1May drip a bit, post installation.
    icon-number-2Some installers or applications may require hole drilling.
    icon-number-3Has limited self healing capabilities for a limited period after installation.
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