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Waxoyl Aerosol DIY Kit For Small Unibody

Waxoyl Aerosol DIY Kit For Small Unibody

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This kit will cover small cars, such as Mini, Honda Fit, Toyota Echo, Chev Sonic etc.(we suggest buying one size up so you have extra for touchups, or doing additional projects/applications)
Looking to protect your pride and joy, but aren’t near a Waxoyl application center?
Waxoyl DIY aerosol kits contain everything you need to get the job done without specialty tools or an air compressor.
All you will need is a way to get under the vehicle (ramps or jack stands for low vehicles), a few hours of your time, and a desire to save your vehicle from corrosion.
This kit is for compact & subcompact 2 and 4 door vehicles.

See extensive test video HERE

Why does Waxoyl cost what it does? 
Waxoyl only seems expensive till you use it. Because it outperfoms other products so handily(see comparison chart) and protects for decades, it ends up being the most affordable and cost effective product on the market!
- It gets you much better resale value - your vehicle stays black and clean underneath.
- It doesn't get removed by spray or road dirt.
- Any dirt that gets on it can easily be cleaned off by a powerwasher.
- Seals electrical connections
- Seals seams, crevices, nooks and crannies. 
- Moisture salt can't get in behind it.
- Lower maintenance costs.
- No full scale annual or semi-annual resprays
- Sound deadening
- No damaged seals, wiring, silicone or rubber components
- No dripping on your driveway
- No Hole drilling
- No seeping onto exterior body panels, post install.
- Stops any existing light surface rust
- Endorsed by most major OEMs(nobody else has that)
- Lowest annualized cost(based on 10yr or longer ownership)
Safe on all paint finishes. Contains no silicones or fluorocarbons. 
Very resistant to aging. Contains no mineral acids, bases, lead, chromium, or zinc. (There are many 30, 40 and 50 yr old vehicles on the road that were treated with Waxoyl when new)

  • Apply during warmer temperatures, above 17C. For best results, ensure product and vehicle is warm during application.

Nothing outperforms Waxoyl in protecting your vehicle! - See performance comparison chart in the attached images.

This all-inclusive do-it-yourself aerosol kit contains:

5x Waxoyl Hardwax Plus for underbody protection

  • Hardwax stops existing surface rust!
  • Longlasting protection! No need to redo it every year.
  • Insulates against temperature changes and provides sound-proofing for a quieter ride.
  • Temperature range of active protection from -30F to 302F.
  • Very resistant to aging. Contains no mineral acids, bases, lead, chromium, or zinc.
  • Safe on all paint finishes. Contains no silicone or fluorocarbon
  • Protects for the life of the vehicle.

2x Waxoyl Power Shield for the cavities protection

  • Includes flexible “fogging” wand to prove total coverage from the inside out.
  •  One application protects for the life of the vehicle.
  •  Where surface rust already exists, Waxoyl Professional PF stops further corrosion.
  •  Penetrates deep into seems, providing protection where it is needed most.
  •  Application wand snakes through existing drains for complete protection without drilling access holes.
  •  A little goes a long way! Optimal protection with only .04 to .05 mm dry film thickness.
  •  Safe on all paint finishes. Contains no silicones or fluorocarbons.

Safety Equipment:

  • Particulate mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves

 (local pickup options available for customers in SW ON- save the shipping fees*! call 519-590-6305 8am-9pm EST for details)



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