Stop Replacing Bearings! – How To Easily Maintain Dirt Bike Suspension & Wheel Bearings

A quick, easy and effective way to maintain the bearings & bushings in your Dirtbike and/or ATV.

00:00 Start/intro
01:09 Accessing bearings/removing bushings
02:32 Grease type & greasing
05:20 Assembly & further suggestions.

Seized swingarm Bolt? Rusted Bearings?
Don’t buy bearings again!
How to easily maintain dirtbike suspension bearings, wheel bearings & pivot points, such that they’ll last the life of the bike. Maintaining a 2 stroke, 4 stroke, or electric dirtbike or motorcycle can be very easy and cheap to do.
This is a basic video showing how to remove the seals and bushings to access the needle bearing on the lower shock mount on a Beta dirt bike & how to properly grease them. It also applies to other brands & covers the other pivots points & suggested maintenance to keep bearings lasting a long, long time & save you a lot of grief and money.
The OEM factories apply very little, or no grease to these bearings!
Also applies to many ATVs and even snowmobiles as well. Doing this simple, easy, basic maintenance will keep your bearings lasting for many, many years & save you a lot of frustration & money.
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