How To Clean An Engine Bay

How To Clean An Engine Bay

Cleaning your engine bay can be one of the easier tasks of automotive maintenance. If you're the type that has Rockauto in your favorites, then you probably also want to get great results with a minimum of fuss, effort and expense. Here's an easy way to clean your engine bay.
This job should only take about 10-15 mins.
This job is best done with a cool engine, so try to do it after the engine has had a chance to cool.

All you need for this short project is:

  • Garden hose with spray gun
  • Weed Sprayer - optional - a foam cannon
  • ZOOM Concentrate or ZOOM pre-mixed spray
  • Optional - a detail brush, or soft bristled brush, but those usually are not needed.

Let's start with a dirty engine bay:



Step 1

Mix some ZOOM concentrate with water in the weed sprayer at about a 10 or 15 to 1 mix (1 part ZOOM to 10 or 15 parts water) with plain water. Or, if you have a spray bottle of premix, skip to step 2.

Step 2

Open the hood on your car and simply spray everything down liberally with the ZOOM/Water mix.
Then, let it set for about 5 mins or so. You can close the hood if you want, if it's sunny and/or windy out. This will keep the ZOOM mix from drying prematurely.

Optional - on some cars that have exceptionally dirty engine bays, you may need to gently agitate the surfaces with the detail brushes, after the ZOOM has had a chance to do its work.

Step 3 

Grab the garden hose with spray gun and thoroughly rinse everything down. That's really all you need. 

Done- It's that easy!

Step 4 

Start the vehicle and run it for a bit. Perhaps go for a short drive. This will get some heat into everything and dry things out.

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Optional Step 5

Spray the engine bay down with a protectant such as Waxoyl Motor Care.
This will make everything shine nicely and will help protect components and disperse any remaining water.

Simple. Easy. Clean.

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