Dirty, grimy RV awning

How to Clean an RV Awning the Easy Way

This RV awning needs cleaning!

The weekend is finally here & it’s time to head to the campground! You’re a proud RV owner and you love everything about your camper and camping, that is, until you roll out the awning…..
Not long ago, you had a clean RV awning and now, as you’re ready to sit back and enjoy things, you look up, and the awning looks like a giant messy Rorshach test! Eeeww!
Well, help is on the way! We’ve created a short ‘How to clean your RV awning’ instructional using the easiest method, here;

Did you know that awnings can quickly become one of the dirtiest, grimiest parts of an RV?
Awnings, by their nature get a lot of mildew and/or mould inside, even when you haven’t used your camper in a while. They wick moisture into them when rolled up. The material they are made from, along with pollen, and other airborne ingredients also creates the perfect breeding ground for mildew, mould and other grime. Plus, they get dirty on the top side when extended, which then gets on the underside when the awning is rolled up. Or, heaven forbid that you have to roll the awning up when it's wet, because it's raining out when it's time to pack up.

It’s easier to clean than you think.
The best way to clean an RV awning is quite easy. Using traditional methods is difficult, as you’re working over your head, on a surface that moves when you press on it. It’s hard work on both your body and challenging due to the water and cleaner that gets all over you.
However, there is a much easier way. All you need is a garden weed sprayer, a long handed soft bristled brush, a Garden Hose, with spray gun and some ZOOM Concentrated Cleaner.

How to clean an RV awning?
First, mix some ZOOM Concentrate with water in the weed sprayer and pressurize it. With your awning fully extended, start at one end and spray the solution on about 4-6ft of the underside of the awning. (see pic below) Let set for a few minutes. Then, gently agitate that area with your long-handled soft-bristled brush. Now, rinse with your garden hose.
Then, back up and do the next 4-6 ft section and repeat. Repeat this sequence til finished.


Awning 1/2 way done, using ZOOM in a Weed Sprayer and a soft brush. So Easy!

If you’re in the shade, or it’s a cloudy day, feel free to also wash the top side of the awning. If it’s sunny, you may have to work in smaller sections. Again, use the same steps.

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It’s that Easy!
You’ll now have a nice clean awning, without doing a lot of hard physical labour, or a lot of time. Now that that job is finished, it’s time to relax!

Awning all clean and finished! This one only took 20 minuntes!

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