ZOOM Cleaner 3.78L concentrate vs. Muc-off 1L Concentrate

Real value in a product - ZOOM vs. Muc-off

A famous billionaire has a saying - 'Price is what you pay, but value is what you get'. 

That axiom should probably be taught to everyone in kindergarden and retaught every year all thru school, as it really is a very powerful piece of wisdom that applies to much of our lives.

Today, I'll do a quick examination of how powerful this concept really is;

We'll do a quick price/value comparison of 2 competing, but similar products, both with somewhat similar promises to the customer.

In one corner we'll show Muc-off, which is fairly well known in the powersports and bicycling world. They have fancy displays in many dealerships & probably a decent sized customer base. We'll use their 1l Bike Cleaner concentrate;
Muc-off Bike Cleaner 1L concentrate

In the other corner, we'll compare ZOOM 3.78L concentrate;
ZOOM 3.78L concentrate 

At first glance, this may seem unfair, given the large difference in package sizes, but bear with us- it will make sense shortly; 

Both products are concentrated, so should be mixed with water before using.

Both products will;

  • clean your bike, or motorcycle.
  • be enviro-friendly
  • be safe on what you're cleaning.
  • contain fairly similar chemistry. However, ZOOM may have an edge in terms of sheer concentration and chemical mix. 
  • Both are pink liquids(The pink is just a dye used for dilution purposes, at least in the case of ZOOM)
However, Both of these products retail in the roughly ~$36-45.00 range (or so, depending on source, in $CAD, as of this writing). This is where it really gets interesting!

Muc-off promises that you can make 4 liters of cleaner from their 1L of concentrate, which sounds reasonable. That works out to roughly $10 per liter of useable product. 

ZOOM promises that you can mix at 10:1(or more), which means that if the 3.78L of concentrate is fully mixed with water at that ratio, you would get 41.58 liters of cleaner(37.8L of water plus 3.78L of ZOOM concentrate)
That works out to about roughly $1.00 per liter. Only ONE DOLLAR!!!  ZOOM also suggests mix rates of up to 30:1 for lighter cleaning, which is an even greater bargain!

Now think about that: one dollar vs 10 dollars? Both are consumable products and both perform well, but one works out to being 10x as much money as the other! That adds up very, very fast, especially if you do a lot of cleaning. Even if you were to get the Muc-off on sale at a big discount, it still wouldn't make up the huge difference....

But wait, there's more! ZOOM is also very versatile, use it on your car/truck, RV, House siding/soffits/fascia, patio furniture, boat, ATV/dirtbike/motorcycle, heavy equipment and more!  

This shows that there is often a huge difference between price and value. It's often worth taking the time to understand what value you are actually getting for  you your $$, vs a short temporary endorphin buzz from fancy advertising, displays and slick marketing. 

This comparison can also be done with ZOOM against many other name brand products such as S100, Spectro, Motul, Motorex, LAs Awesome(yes, even the dollar store cleaner!!), Mirage 2000, Spray-Nine and many others!

Now, which would you rather spend your money on?




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