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Take the arm-pump and fatigue out of riding!

$515 CAD Free shipping!**(scroll to bottom)
CounterShox is a bolt-on device designed to provide a tuned dynamic counter-reaction to obstacles in racing and extreme racing environments. Sharp impulses to the front fork are used to provide an automatic reactionary force that the rider no longer has to provide through the handlebars.


  • Reduced arm pump
  • Reduced death gripping
  • Greatly reduced fatigue
  • Back on the throttle faster
  • Improved front wheel traction, tracking and rolling
  • Reduced fork top outs & better fork effectiveness.
  • More control after G-outs
  • Less shock loads thru handlebars

The Countershox mechanism is encased in a CNC machined and anodized tube that easily attaches to one of the fork leg of your motorcycle, either between the upper and lower triple clamps or just below the lower clamp. It is typically tucked behind the headlight or numberplate.
Countershox works its magic without the need for extensive setup, batteries, or electronics. Installation is as simple as bolting the two-piece bracket set onto the forks, placing the Countershox into the brackets and rotating it behind your number plate and/or headlight and tightening the bolts… all without having to remove the forks from the bike.

How it works -  Using the laws of physics, it uses a specially tuned reactive mass to to both force your forks to absorb more of the bumps and also reduce, dampen, or eliminate some of the shock loads & vibrations that normally get transferred into your hands and arms.

Suspension - Getting your dirtbike suspension setup correctly can be very time consuming, expensive and challenging. Most guys spend thousands of dollars and many hours trying to get it correct. Even when you do get it good, what works on one trail may not work on well on another. Or, simple things like a change in temperature can also throw things off, or oil type and viscosity, air buildup, worn bushings and more. The Countershox isn't a magic total fix for terrible suspension, but it can definitely help smooth things out even more, no matter where you're settings are at, or what conditions you're riding.  

Installation - The unit installs between the triple clamps on either fork leg depending on space or preference. On some bikes, installation on one of the fork legs, just below the lower triple clamp may be required.

Only one unit required per bike. It can easily be moved from bike to bike in just a few minutes and minimal tools!

**Base pricing is in posted in CAD. It should show up as USD for US customers and CAD for Canadian Customers. Products are drop shipped from the US. CDN customers may have extra brokerage charges at the border crossing.

Free shipping for CONUS and Lower 8 Mainland Canadian provinces. CDN customers-  To avoid CDN brokerage fees, please contact us directly by email, or phone.

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