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NEW!! Waxoyl Hardwax 21!

NEW!! Waxoyl Hardwax 21!

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New Waxoyl Hardwax 21

  • An even tougher and more resilient product than Hardwax plus.
  • Designed for heavy duty and severe service applications
  • Dries quickly (typically under an hour).
  • Less tack or stickiness after drying, so it will not pick up dirt easily.  
  • Still extremely flexible just like Harwax Plus.  
  • A much touher mechanical barrier than the Hardwax Plus.
  • Flat black finish  when sprayed in thin coats, but can have a bit of sheen if sprayed in one heavy layer.  The sheen subsides after a bit of driving.
  • Can be sprayed over top of Waxoyl Hardwax plus and will bind with it.
  • Can be cleaned by powerwashing.

Waxoyl Hardwax 21 in a convenient 5L tin. Superior rust protection in an easy to handle size. If you have a home garage and/or access to an air compressor, these are a good approach.  Apply with a gun, such as the HW-98, HRS series, or certain Lemmer guns.
You can also save $$ if you buy 2 or more.

Ideal on new or newer vehicles, or older vehicles with clean undercarriages. If rust, dirt, or grime is present, it should be cleaned off before applying Waxoyl. 

See extensive Waxoyl test video HERE 

Why does Waxoyl cost what it does? 

Waxoyl only seems expensive till you use it. Because it outperfoms other products so handily(see comparison chart) and protects for decades, it ends up being the most affordable and cost effective product on the market!
- It gets you much better resale value - your vehicle stays black and clean underneath.
- It doesn't get removed by spray or road dirt, or powerwashing.
- Any dirt that gets on it can easily be cleaned off by a powerwasher.
- Seals electrical connections.
- Seals seams, crevices, nooks and crannies. 
- Moisture & salt can't get in behind it.
- Lower maintenance costs.
- No full scale annual or semi-annual resprays
- Sound deadening
- No damaged seals, wiring, silicone or rubber components
- No dripping on your driveway
- No Hole drilling
- No seeping onto exterior body panels, post install.
- Stops any existing light surface rust
- Endorsed by most major OEMs(nobody else has that)
- Lowest annualized cost(based on 10yr or longer ownership)
Safe on all paint finishes. Contains no silicones or fluorocarbons. 

Nothing outperforms Waxoyl in protecting your vehicle! 

  • Apply during warmer temperatures, above 17C. For best results, ensure product and vehicle is warm during application.
  •  Insulates against temperature changes and provides sound-proofing for a quieter ride.
  •  Insulates against temperature changes and provides sound-proofing for a quieter ride.
  •  Temperature range of active protection from -30°F to 302°F.
  •  Very resistant to aging. Contains no mineral acids, bases, lead, chromium, or zinc.
  •  Safe on all paint finishes. Contains no silicones or fluorocarbons.
  • Comes in a 5 Liter Tin.
  • It requires about 10-15 PSI more pressure to spray, than Hardwax Plus, because of its thickness (use about 45-65 psi).
  • Optimal results when applied to new vehicles, or very clean surfaces. Does not adhere well to existing rust, dirt, grime, etc.
  • The odor when spraying is a bit more "gassy" than with the Plus product, but does flash off.  
  • Apply during warmer temperatures, above 17C(65F). For best results, ensure product and vehicle is warm during application.
  • Can be removed post install, for service or repair work.
  • Applied with Hardwax gun- HW98, Wax 1 or HRS-SF
    Can also use certain Lemmer spray guns with the correct wands – call us for more details.

 (local pickup options available for customers in SW ON- save the shipping fees*! call 519-590-6305 8am-9pm EST for details)

*Hazmat fee still required if product is shipped. Fee is waived for local pickup.

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  • A high performance outdoor cleaning solution

    Use on RVs, Dirt Bikes, Eaves, Decks, Patios, Farm Equipment, and so much more!

  • Easy to use and extremely effective

    Better, faster and cheaper than the rest. The last cleaner you'll ever need.

  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic chemicals

    Featuring a mild fresh mango-pomegranate scent

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  • MudHunniez from Vancouver

    “We wanted to thank ZOOM Concentrated Cleaner for helping us get our bikes clean after a weekend long mud bath.”

  • Bob from the GTA

    “Totally impressed with the reults! This is my my 20 year old lawnmower that has never been washed. This stuff is highly recommended!!”

  • DJ from the GTA

    "Today I tried ZOOM cleaner that I've heard others rave about. I was skeptical at first.
    Well' now my results are a solid testimony to this product!"

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