How to Mount The Dirtbike Pedestal in your Truck

How to Mount The Dirtbike Pedestal in your Truck

The Pedestal dirtbike mount is becoming more and more popular with many dirtbike enthusiasts. It's easy to see why; with many of todays pickups having short beds, The Pedestal allows you to carry multiple bikes in the bed of your truck and still fully close the tailgate to tow a trailer, or add a hitch mount carrier, so that you can carry another bike.
Because the bikes are partly lifted of the bed of the truck, there's still lots of space in the bed for gear and other stuff. 


Tools needed:

  • Hammer
  • Center Punch
  • 5/16" drill bit
  • 3/16" Allen/hex key
  • 1/2" socket with ratchet


Installing the pedestal is fairly simple and only requires a minimum of tools and average skill. Expected install time is about 45 mins to 2 hrs depending on vehicle, skill level and a few other factors.

First, lower your tailgate and clear the box of your pickup, so you have working space.


Here is a full set of instructions on installing your Pedestal kit;


Buy the Pedestal 


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