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HRS Sprayer For Waxoyl 120-4 Cavity Wax Without Wands

HRS Sprayer For Waxoyl 120-4 Cavity Wax Without Wands

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The SATA HRS is our go-to sprayer for professional application of Waxoyl 120-4 in the cavities. Lightweight with higher pressure and lower capacity, this gun is exceptional at atomizing Waxoyl 120-4 to “fog” the cavities.

If the HRS gun is used regularly (approximately once a year) there is no need to clean the gun. Simply use it and put it on the shelf when done.

This high-quality gun is made by SATA in Germany. It is completely rebuildable (Part # HRSREPAIRKIT and RNWHRSR). There is typically no need to use an air regulator on this gun as it works up to 170 PSI.

Must be combined with wands to spray. 


  • K-3 wand, 64" long with 360-degree spray for applying Waxoyl 120-4 in long narrow cavities like chassis and rocker panels (P/N RNW015),
  • K-4 hook wand for applying Waxoyl 120-4 to the door cavities, hood, and surface spray. (P/N RNW5014)
  • Sold with wands as part of Wax2 and Wax3 kits.
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