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Waxoyl HW98 Hardwax Application Sprayer

Waxoyl HW98 Hardwax Application Sprayer

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The HW-98 low-cost, no frills broadcast gun is just for applying Waxoyl Hardwax (5L tins and 60L kegs) to the underbody. It is not compatible with any wands, but may be combined with an optional metal fan-tip (P/N RNW5017M) for a tighter spray pattern and less overspray.

Note: Maximum air pressure = 60 PSI. Excess air pressure can damage gun, so use a regulator. This is for spraying hardwax only. Not to be used for cavity fogging.
Also requires a compatible quick release air fitting compatible with your system.

Waxoyl Hardwax is generally applied using low pressures; 30-50 psi.

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