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Waxoyl Powershield Cavity Wax 500ml Aerosol

Waxoyl Powershield Cavity Wax 500ml Aerosol

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This product ships to Canada only. No US sales. It is subject to Hazmat special handling fees of $20 per shipment. For US orders, please click HERE
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Nothing outperforms Waxoyl in protecting your vehicle! - See performance chart in the attached images.

Waxoyl Power Shield is the latest product in the Waxoyl product line and is designed to allow the user to properly “fog” the inside of cavities like Waxoyl Professional 120-4, but without a compressor or application gun. Equally effective on the underbody in low abrasion enviroments.

Comes with a standard spray nozzle and tube and can be used with the 24″ wand (part number (RNW5004PFW) to snake into hard to reach cavities. This product penetrates and creeps into seams to protect your vehicle from the inside out and will not harm electrics, seals or mechanical parts.

Best installed in temps 17C or above. Ensure product and vehicle is warm during install.


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