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Ecotabs Cleanout and Maintenance kit & ZOOM 3.78L Concentrate

Ecotabs Cleanout and Maintenance kit & ZOOM 3.78L Concentrate

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Get free shipping and save money when you buy a 3.78L jug of ZOOM Concentrate and an Ecotabs cleanout and maintenance kit. This kit does a cleanout on your tank and has 6 maintenance tabs, enough for 6 months of average septic tank use.

ZOOM is a high performance cleaner for both outdoor and indoor use; Household, ATV, Farm & Heavy Equipment, RV car/truck etc. See more here.

Ecotabs are a very effective way to keep your septic system and drain lines in great shape, with very little fuss or expense. Learn more here.

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  • A high performance outdoor cleaning solution

    Use on RVs, Dirt Bikes, Eaves, Decks, Patios, Farm Equipment, and so much more!

  • Easy to use and extremely effective

    Better, faster and cheaper than the rest. The last cleaner you'll ever need.

  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic chemicals

    Featuring a mild fresh mango-pomegranate scent

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  • MudHunniez from Vancouver

    “We wanted to thank ZOOM Concentrated Cleaner for helping us get our bikes clean after a weekend long mud bath.”

  • Bob from the GTA

    “Totally impressed with the reults! This is my my 20 year old lawnmower that has never been washed. This stuff is highly recommended!!”

  • DJ from the GTA

    "Today I tried ZOOM cleaner that I've heard others rave about. I was skeptical at first.
    Well' now my results are a solid testimony to this product!"

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